Enhancing Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

Enhance Your Smile With Teeth Whitening!

You can enhance your smile quickly with teeth whitening. It is valued by both men and women.
Treatments are available for any budget. Whether you’d like to go to your dentist office or prefer
to whiten teeth at home, you can find a solution for whitening your teeth.

Anyone who wants to whiten their teeth will see a substantial improvement in brightness and have the
WOW factor of their teeth with the best teeth whitening products. However, it isn’t going to stay
that way forever. You’ll have to do touch-ups to keep your smile white. In this article, we will make teeth whitening easy to understand and explain the processes involved, and why discoloration occurs in the first place.

What is the difference between bleaching and whitening your teeth?

Bleaching can only be permitted when the natural color of teeth can be further whitened,
according to the FDA. These products actually contain a bleaching agent, it is usually carbamide peroxide
or hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening is referred to restoring a tooth’s color on its surface by removing debris and dirt. Technically, a product used to clean the teeth such as toothpaste is considered a whitener as well. ‘Whitening’ sounds better than ‘bleaching’ and is used much more frequently. This happens even with products that have bleach in them.

Bleaching happens in the dental office or with professional at home products. Most dental offices offer a powerful and fast acting hydrogen peroxide. The concentrations can be as high as 40% or as low as 9%.

At home, you will most likely use a carbamide peroxide. It becomes hydrogen peroxide when it
breaks down and is safer to use at home. It has about ⅓ the strength of hydrogen peroxide. If you have a solution of 15% carbamide peroxide it is about equal to 5% hydrogen peroxide. Our product is a 36% Carbamide Peroxide that breaks down into the equivalent 12% Hydrogen Peroxide. This is one of the more advanced formulas on the market for an at home kit.

Taking a look at our enamel, most of us start out life with white teeth. This is due to their porcelain-like enamel surface. Composed of microscopic rods, enamel protects the teeth from acid attacks, trauma, gnashing
and chewing. Over the years it wears down. The yellow color of dentin, which is the core material
of your teeth, then begins to show.

When you chew, dentin remains while many micro cracks happen in the enamel. Those cracks
and rods have space between them, allowing stains and debris. Eventually, the teeth will obtain
a dull appearance.

Stains and debris can be removed by teeth whitening, which leaves the cracks open. Some of
these cracks are remineralized by a person’s saliva, but others won’t be. They end up filling
again with dirt and debris. Our kit provides a remineralization gel to put on your teeth after the teeth whitening process.

The Two Types of Tooth Stains: 

1) Tooth Discoloration Extrinsic Staining 

2) Intrinsic Staining

Stains that appear on the surface of the teeth are extrinsic stains. They are the result of
exposure to certain beverages, tobacco, and foods that cause wear and tear. These stains are
minor and can be removed just with brushing and dental cleaning. Stubborn stains can be
removed with teeth whitening. If not dealt with early, they can become ingrained.

Stains on the interior of the teeth are intrinsic. They result from exposure to minerals, aging, and
trauma. They were once thought too tough to deal with even with bleaching. Today though, even these
can be dealt with by advanced take-home teeth whitening. If all else fails, there are dental veneers
as an option.

Keeping Your Results

To extend the longevity of a white smile, your dentist may recommend:
● Whitening at home as maintenance. This could be immediately or even just once a year.
● Avoid dark beverages and foods for at least a week after whitening.
● When possible use a straw to sip beverages.
● Practicing great hygiene, this means brushing and flossing after you eat and before you
go to bed. 

What To Expect From The Best Teeth Whitening Products

What To Expect From The Best Teeth Whitening Product From Watkins Health

Are you interested in having a whiter smile? Have you considered home teeth-whitening kits and don’t know what to choose? You may have thought about whitening your teeth at home but don’t know enough about it. Here is some information in regards to whitening your teeth that you should know.

1. Each tooth absorbs like a sponge.

There are pores in your teeth. These can similar to the pores in a sponge or your skin. Anything put in your mouth over time from smoking or having wine or berries will darken your smile. Stains on teeth don’t just eventually disappear. They won’t go away at all unless you are actively doing something to remove them from your teeth. The best teeth whitening products can do this for you. It’ll do its job by going into each tooth and removing the stains.

2. Your teeth won’t be damaged by whitening them.

Anything rough or extreme including excessive brushing can harm teeth. If you use professional teeth whitening kits as instructed, whitening teeth at home is very safe. You’ll whiten those bothersome stains and not have to worry about them going forward. Your teeth do in fact rehydrate and remineralize after you use a whitening product.

3. Delivery is the answer to whitening teeth.

It’s not a secret that most whitening products have similar ingredients. The key is in the delivery. Something like a whitening tray makes sure that all angles are covered and consistent. However, other products can help you have a whiter smile as well.

4. Your teeth may be sensitive to whitening and this is normal.

Upwards of half of Americans have teeth that are naturally sensitive. During the process of whitening them, sensitivity may occur and that is totally normal. Thankfully, the sensitivity will disappear within approximately a day or two after whitening. Honestly, its worth it for whiter teeth.

5. Stains on teeth cannot be removed immediately.

No product that you try can whiten immediately. However, once those stains are gone the whitened teeth are easy to maintain. The process of whitening can take a few days or in extreme cases up to a month or two.

6. You can’t whiten caps and veneers.

When you get artificial caps or veneers, they are colored to match your smile as it is. The material can never be whitened, unfortunately. The good news is that caps and veneers will never stain and using whitening products will not damage them.

7. Right before you go to sleep at night is optimal to whiten your smile.

It doesn’t matter which product you use, unfortunately, immediately after you use a whitening product, your teeth are more susceptible to staining again. This is due to the susceptible nature of open pores in each tooth. So the best time to use a whitening product is right before bed to avoid any staining.

8. Your teeth may never be completely white.

The natural color of your teeth are set when you are born, no matter the stains you have later in life. The use of a whitening product will remove all the stains that have been created in the course of your lifetime, but you still might not have perfectly white teeth. The only way to learn how white your teeth can become is to use whitening products. Even if not perfect, a whiter smile will make you feel more confident.

With this information, you’ll be able to make an educated decision about whitening your teeth at home. You won’t have to worry about wrecking your teeth or experiencing any pain beyond some sensitivity. We’d like to see you have your whitest smile today.

Learn About Our Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel


Another essential item in our professional teeth whitening kit is the dental grade teeth whitening gel. Without this whitening gel, the whitening process would be difficult to achieve, if at all. The whitening gel is made up of Carbamide Peroxide, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Peppermint Oil, Carbomer, Trolamine, and Sucralose. 

The Carbamide peroxide gel formula, which is the active ingredient. It is the active ingredient that is primarily responsible for whitening the teeth. The gel viscosity is thick, and this shows that the gel is of high quality. A whitening gel of high quality will ensure your teeth whitening treatment goes smoothly and it will also make the whitening tray stay in place and reduce the chance of it sliding around. The teeth whitening gel is held in a syringe so it can be easily applied to the teeth and for better storage. You can be sure that this dental grade teeth whitening gel will give you white teeth and a bright smile.

44% Carbamide peroxide gel formula is the active ingredient.

Gel viscosity is thick

Guarantees white teeth and a bright smile.

Why is our Advanced Acceleration Light the Best on the Market?

A brighter smile can boost your self-esteem and help offset the effect food and aging have on the appearance of your teeth. If you have unsightly stains on your teeth, an at home teeth whitening system may be of benefit to you.

In order to obtain the best results for your smile, you want to choose a kit that has blue light LED (light emitting diode) technology.

Our Blue light whitens at 460 nanometers. It has a total of 16 LED bulbs, creating one of the most powerful whitening lights on the market today.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening as We Age

Benefits of teeth whitening as we age

Wouldn’t we all love to have beautiful pearly white teeth with a radiant smile? Yes, we would, but the truth is our daily habits like soda, tea, and coffee lead to teeth discoloration which prevents us from achieving this. So how can we remedy the situation? It is a lot easier than people think. A lot of people have been able to attain this goal by undergoing teeth whitening by using At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kits. Below are some of the benefits whitening your teeth as you grow older: Continue reading “Benefits of Teeth Whitening as We Age”

Anti-Aging and Teeth Whitening

Anti-Aging and Teeth Whitening

What if we could slow down the aging process for as long as we can, wouldn’t that be great? The sad truth is we can’t. We have tried several ways to slow down the aging process and in some cases completely reverse the process all to no avail. We went as far as experimenting with Botox, weight loss regimes, plastic surgery and in even natural remedies just to mention a few. Continue reading “Anti-Aging and Teeth Whitening”