Benefits of using Glycolic Acid

A glycolic acid is a form of alpha-hydroxy acid, usually referred to as AHA. It is often used as an effective staple for skin care regimens. A molecule of glycolic acid is typically small, and this allows it’s molecules to penetrate into the skin a lot easier than other staples, thereby producing effective and useful results. Although glycolic acid is usually available as peels, being able to apply it as cream would help provide fantastic results that would be beneficial to the skin as it would be easier for the skin to absorb it.

Glycolic acid is commonly found in fruit acid peels and creams. As Night creams, the glycolic acid should be used initially once in a week, then gradually increasing it to 3 nights a week if you notice your skin is responding well to it. To derive mild, exfoliating results from its usage, the glycolic acid should be applied at least once or twice a week. On the other hand, dermatologists are known to use concentrated forms of glycolic acid to eliminate multiple layers of skin over a fixed period.

Now we are conversant with what Glycolic acid is all about and how we can apply it on our skin to good effect. It is time to take a quick look at some of the benefits you stand to derive from using Glycolic acid.

  1. Glycolic acid, when applied to treat oily, dry, and dull skins, or applied to sunburns and other skin infections, allows for easy penetration enabling treatments to work a whole lot faster than other treatments like citric, lactic, tartaric or malic acid.

  1. Glycolic acid as a skin care product is an excellent anti-aging acid. Since it is a tiny molecule, it can move into the epidermis of the skin and stimulate cellular activities. As a result, it is usually applied alongside anti-aging treatments to hydrate and brighten the skin. It also helps to smooth the skin thereby providing an even skin tone. It also helps to eliminate dead skin cells leaving your skin clean, youthful and soft.

  1. As a result of its enhance penetrating power, glycolic acid can peel away the topmost layer of our skin. This is done by destroying the bonds that join dead skin cells together leaving your skin clean and shining brightly. It reduces wrinkles and provides a balanced skin pH level.

  1. One of the astonishing benefits you can derive from using Glycolic acid is that is can be used on all skin, irrespective of your skin type. Although, it depends on the formula being recommended by your dermatologist. It can be used as a regulator for seborrhea on the oily or youthful skin while it serves a moisturizer and helps to brighten mature and dry skin. Please take note that glycolic acid concentration should be between 2 and 15%.

From the benefits highlighted above, we have able to see the importance of glycolic acid in skincare treatment. However, we must warn that glycolic acid shouldn’t be applied to the susceptible skin.

Benefits of using Glycolic Acid

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