Whiten Your Teeth in the Comfort of your Bathroom….or Car…or Office..on the Couch…ANYWHERE!

The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit Has Just Been Released!


Fed up with …

… spending a small fortune at the dentist’s?

… ineffective teeth whitening products?

… poor oral health and tooth sensitivity?

… yellowish looking and discolored teeth?

… cheaply made whitening toothpastes?

Nodding, right? Well prepare yourself, because you are about to forget all of the above with just 1 teeth whitening kit. A WHITE teeth whitener kit by Watkins Health.


Smile With Confidence Again!

Feel better about yourself, gain that lost confidence back and maintain your glowing smile for much longer with a WHITE teeth whitening kit by your side.

Each whitening pack has all the necessary tools to achieve the perfect smile in less than half an hour:

1 5ml teeth whitening gel syringe

1 reminerlization gel

1 powerful 16 LED whitening blue light

1 case for the LED light

1 gel applicator brush

1 user friendly manual and a shade guide.

Made of high quality medical grade silicone, our mouth tray is comfy to use and always ready to go. Needs no molding, no reshaping, no boiling. Works for your top and bottom teeth.

Safe for those with teeth sensitivity.

Use A WHITE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit To:

· Enhance your appearance and seem friendlier.

· Boost your self confidence.

· Minimize coffee, wine and smoke stains.

· Polish while whiten! 2 in 1 kit.

· Protect your teeth and fortify their enamel.

· Get a professional teeth whitening treatment at home.

· Smile at life again!

What are you waiting for?